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Malanga IsleÑa

Malanga IsleñaScientific Name: Xanthosoma sagittifolium

Common Name: Malanga Coco

Properties and Uses: An herbaceous perennial plant, if not harvested. It has no aerial but underground stem, from which sprout swollen, lateral and horizontal shoots, known as cormels.
It is oriented to human and industrial consumption. The corms are used for human and animal food, as well as for different industrial uses, thanks to its nutritional content. A countless number of dishes are prepared with it, such as: soft drinks, beverages, soups, pastas, salads, sweets, breads, cakes, cookies and ice-cream.

Variety: Isleña.

Presentation Sacks per container Market
23 kilos (9-11) (11-13)
(13-15) (16-18)
950 USA, Europa

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