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Green Chayote

Green ChayoteScientific Name: Sechium Edule

Common Name: Chayota, pear squash, tayota

Properties and Uses: Chayote is a fruit native from the New World; it was extensively cultivated by the Maya and Azteca Civilizations in Central America.
In our days it has become a very important food supplement, its presence is indispensable in the big markets of the United States and Europe. Furthermore, the tender roots and sprouts of the vine plant are also used as food in many areas, mainly in the Americas. It is rich in FIBER, low calories and no cholesterol.

Variety: Green Chayote.

Presentation Boxes per container Boxes per pallet Market
17 kilos 1130 56 USA
17 kilos 1200 60 Europa
10 kilos 1920 96 USA

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